Thursday, May 03, 2007

Scam Alert! - "Prize say yes"

Affects: Anyone

Modus Operandi: The scammer gives you an objectcalled "prize say yes". If you rez or accept the object it will take money from your account.

How it goes down: The scammer give you the object "prize say yes". The unwitting recipient accepts the object, says "yes" and the object proceeds to drain their account. This object continues to drain your account until you do a full delete of it from your trash.

Seeing through the Scam: If you get this object from anyone DO NOT ACCEPT OR SAY YES to anything. Delete it IMMEDIATELY, and empty the trash on top of it. While its nice to get things from people, remember that accepting objects with sketchy names, such as encouraging you to say yes without any explination or being dodgy about it, its probably something that is up to no good.

This is quite new to my knowlege, and thus far has been reported to have been used at the House of Blade Mall on Samurai Island, but could very well start cropping up in other popular places! Keep your eyes out and make sure you don't get nailed by this thing!