Friday, June 23, 2006

Scam Alert: Slot prize scam

Scam Alert!

Slot Prize Scam
as reported by Tiberious Neruda

Affects: Small casino owners, casino patrons
Modus Operandi
: Scammer makes a free 'Wheel of SPIN' available to small casino owners. A player who wins a prize, instead of losing or winning money, is given a slot machine. this passes the 'blame' to the Casino Owner
How it goes down: The 'winner' sees an opportunity to make some money, and places the machine on their own land or other location. Machine then messages creator, who can come by and win at will, potentially draining the victim's account.
Seeing through the Scam: This one, thankfully, is limited to one occurrence that I know of, but is pretty nefarious. It uses a script that wasn't CREATED by the scam artist, but rather modified by him. Thus, he isn't immediately messaged about it; the original creator is. Using a different script to get a name from the key used, however, reveals the true scammer.
( Note from Myst: There are other scams like this involving the use of tip jars, and other free casino games, even other 'free' objects that scammers ask unsuspecting victims to 'help them test'. If someone asks you to 'test a game' for them, HIDE YOUR CASH. Either shift it to an alt account, or place a Sell order on the Lindex for 1L:1$ USD, do the testing, then cancel the order and get your money back.)
Damage control: This one has been reported to the Lindens, and is under investigation. However, if you have a 'Furture Slot (prize)' (not confirmed spelling) object, DO NOT rez it. If you have one in-world, remove it immediately.

Tiberious' anti-scam tip of the day:
Always examine objects that request debit permissions, and if possible, view the scripts, and try to get an understanding of where money will go. If you see a suspicious llGiveMoney call, or if you can't view the script, someone has something to hide, and you shouldn't use it.


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