Friday, September 01, 2006

Inworld Group update

With the new groups system, I've set up specific roles and titles in the group for people can more clearly identify themselves. I've also created a position within the group called "Watchdog". Obviously I'm but one body and I can't be everywhere at all times, so I need some help to keep an eye out for scams and such. Watchdogs are people who are willing to help in this task. You obviously don't have to spend every day all day doing this, but basically keeping your ear to the ground in forums, blogs, and in world for fraud and scam activity and then reporting it back to me so I can look into it or report on it.

The other titles in the group identify the savvy shoppers and the Ethical merchants within the group. If you are in the group and have a preference, please let me know via IM inworld and I'll move you to the appropriate role & title.


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