Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jumped the gun

Erf, it seems I'm not immune to being zealous and overshooting things sometimes.

My previous scam report, while the body of the report is sound, i was a bit hasty in my finger pointing and thusly have had my hand slapped and found time for an abrupt egg facial. I want to respond in a timely manner to scam reports, and seeing as people generally don't report them directly to me, I have to actively keep an eye out for when people mention them. Also, like so many others, I work durring the day and don't have the time nessisarily to verify each claim right away. I usually do work on verifying them, but sometimes by the time I get to them, things have changed again, not to mention I am but one person.

I'm not infalable. I'm still a human behind the screen and I can get wrong information. I'm not present obviously when I'm hearing reports from other people. Generally I'm a little more cautious than I was this time around, but zeal got the better of me here.

However, that being said, if someone has issue with a scam I've posted or persons named in the scam, PLEASE do feel free to contact me or leave a comment of your own. The one thing I ask however is that you please do so politely without cussing me (or anyone else out) out, and that you please use proper english. I abhor AOL speak or 'speak' of any kind. It is likely that I was meerly misinformed. I'm more than willing to hear the other side of the story, and if I am wrong, I will change, and I will appologize.

From now on however, I will structure a few rules for myself before naming specific people which should prevent future zealotic mishaps. My general purpose is to inform and educate, not engage in witchhunting per se. I will structure these rules around that goal.


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