Monday, July 03, 2006

Scam Alert: Another Free Slot Machine Scam

This scam is much like the previous scam I posted on, with the exception that this slot is handed out as a freebee and not as a prize to a game. It was originally avaliable on as "Adriana Lima Slot Machine" but has since been removed.
Affects: Small Casino operators, small games operators
Modus Operandi
: The slots machine is avaliable as a free or low cost vending slot machine from a freebee source or marketplace, in this case, SLexchange.
How it goes down: The victim takes a copy of the slot machine and sets it down on their land for visitors to play. Within a short time, a particular avatar shows up and begins to win large jackpots consecutively until the owner of the casino is drained. This is because the casino game notifies its creator that it is in operation, and the operator is none the wiser. When the owner of the game shows up he can win every time, larger jackpots while only betting 1$.
Seeing through the Scam: This is a case of buyer beware. In the case of slot machines its generally a good idea to do some research and buy from a reputable dealer or get some second hand from someone you can trust. If you have a scriptor friend thats trustworthy, you can get something custom. Generally, if you've got something thats got to have free reign in your pocketbook should be a little paranoid that you are getting something thats not going to rob you blind.
Damage control: If you aren't sure of the machine, its a good idea to test it within the boundries of land you can set to group access only, so that the scammer can't get at the game when he shows up. Look for him. A resident describes how to do this here

Slots known to use this scam
FREE Adriana Lima Slot Machine v1.4 TRANSFER/COPY Non-Comission

Avatar which shows up to collect: Games Fan


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