Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Scam Alert: Fake SLExchange terminals

Affects: Anyone who uses SLExchange terminals to deposit funds or who has one on their land

Modus Operandi: A scammer creates a fake SLExchange terminal and places it ever so slightly over the real one. This is a variation of the old 'invisiprim over vendor' scam, but specifically targetting SLExchange terminals.

How it goes down: The fake terminal is placed over the actual SLExchange terminal by the scammer. The unsuspecting victim comes along and attempts to deposit money into the terminal. The money is deposited, but not in their SLExchange account, but rather into the scammer's wallet. Victim becomes aware of the scam after their money never shows up in their SLExchange account.

Seeing through the Scam: Its very important to careful to take a moment to check objects before using them. Hovering your mouse over an object for a moment just to verify that it is actually owned by the right person can save you a world of trouble later. In this particular instance you should verify that the terminal is owned by either Exchange Street or SLXTerminal Bigwig, or it is NOT an SLExchange terminal. The name could be similar, but if it is not one of the above, do not pay it.

Damage control: For people with SLexchange terminals on their land, they should probably have a look and make sure that their terminal isn't affected and keep an eye out on their land's prim usage for names they don't recognize. Obviously if you have everything set to groups and have autoreturn enabled, that helps a lot. But some of us can't or don't want to use the autoreturn, so you just have to be vigilant. For users of SLexchange terminals, don't take it for granted that the terminal is legit. Always hover your mouse for a moment and check the owner before paying the terminal. A little caution will save you losing your hard earned linden.

Further information on this scam can be found here:


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