Thursday, November 23, 2006

Scam Alert: New Pyramid scam (literally!)

Affects: Anyone

Modus Operandi: The scammer places a 'how to make money' pyramid on someone's land in a high (or even moderate traffic place) and scams money out of of the gullible or niaeve, thereby perpetuating the scam.

How it goes down: The scammer places a pyramid object, as seen in this screenshot, on the ground somewhere in a trafficed location. The pyramid is designed to give out a notecard, that says as follows:

Pyramid Instructions
Description: How to get rich
Dear Moneymaker,

So, you want to make money, and lots of it.

You have come to the right place.

It is really simple :

1) Right click on the pryamid and choose "pay".
2) Pyramid will appear in your inventory.
IMPORTANT: The Pyramidt you get has not been validated, and will not work yet!!!

3) Drag and drop the Pyramid on the ground near the original and touch your copy .
4) Click yes to the money question which will activate the Pyamid. (If you do not press yes, the object will not work,
this is needed to distribute the money that will be payed to the object).

5) If everything has been done correctly, the following text will apear above your object:

"How to make money (touch me)."

This means you now have a working version of The Pyramid.

6) Delete the copy of the Pyramid in your inventory while the actual Pyramid is on the ground. (not nescecary, but the one in your inventory is useless, unless you validate it).

Take the validated Pyramid with you and place is somewhere where a lot of people will come.

Here is how it works:

After you have validated it, people can pay your pyramid L$20.
Everytime someone does that, YOU get L$5 and they get a copy of the pyramid and have to go through the same steps as you have.

If that person also places their pyramid somewhere and another person pays L$20, he/she gets L$5 and YOU get L$10.

Just sit back, relax and make money.

DisQ Hern

Seeing through the Scam: Again we have the basics of a pyramid scam. Pay an initial investment for an object, perpetuate the scam, get a small return. Recruit more people to perpetuate the scam.. well you get the idea. Although its slightly more clever as it isn't quite exactly a pyramid but functions in basically the same way. If you are a merchant with a high traffic store, watch for these buggers around. Same with mall owners and anyone with trafficed land, including clubs and casinos. It says specifcally in the instructions to put it in highly trafficed areas, so if you are responsible, watch for them. This sort of thing is bad juju all around. As a side note, I noticed that the object is locked and not copyable. This suggests to me that if you lose your copy of the pyramid if you are a user and you followed the instructions of deleting the original from your inventory (if it actually works this way), you have to 'reinvest' to get a new one, since owners can delete stuff off their land. So these people can continue to rip YOU off and others. Don't fall for it. There are better ways of making money in game that doesn't involve scamming people for it.

Damage control: I do not know if this item actually works as billed. I didn't risk taking one myself, and if it steals your money or not once you grant it debit permission ( according to the note, you do.) Generally speaking, though, these sort of things can't be trusted. To even create one in the first place puts a person's moral character into serious question. These types of money making schemes are SCAMS, pure and simple. Paying money for nothing really, just for the chance to rip someone else off. To even make back you initial investment you'd have to dupe at least 4 other people. Thats not good karma folks.

Avatars implicated in this scam:
These were the avatars listed as the owner and creator of the item on my land.

Owner: Milton Chestnut
Creator: DisQ Hern


At 5:02 PM, December 25, 2006, Blogger Rob Cottingham said...

Never ceases to amaze me how quickly the economic bottom-feeders move in to any new community, looking to exploit anyone who hasn't learned the first rule of business: if it looks to good to be true, it almost certainly is.

At 11:06 PM, January 08, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I made that pyramid in my early days of SL.
It was a mistake.
As soon as I learned it was against SL rules I stopped selling them.

I have messaged LL in 5 different ways asking them to remove the pyramids from the grid.

Their answer: Yes, it's against the rules but we won't do anything about it.

I have made a pyramid stoppaer available for free on SLX and in my shop, come get it if you experience any problems.

DisQ Hern

At 2:52 PM, March 07, 2007, Blogger Ana Lutetia said...

Well... if the Pyramid is a scam in RL they had to in SL!


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